The Plastic Project is an environmental sustainability program that creates reusable items from donated recycled goods. Participants from Flintwood break down the recycled goods to create sustainable items with unique designs.

Flintwood has purchased the next part of the program by buying us the Shredder, which will make the project more fun and easier to prepare our plastics for making things. We would like to donate the things we make to our local community. The Plastics team has been working with Precious Plastics in Melbourne to research the best and safest shredder.

Recently, we fused soft plastics from carrot & apple packaging, a Coke label and a Subway bag to make a snack bag & wallets. We ironed the plastic between baking paper sheets & sewed them into wallets using a sewing machine. Reusable, washable and recycled!

A big thanks to the El Hashem family for this amazing lid donation! They have now all been washed and are out to dry. The Plastic Project team are looking forward to sorting this lot out! Thanks to the community for the pink, white & blue HDPE containers! We can’t do this without your continued donations.

If you would like to donate, feel free to drop an email to Crown St to organise pickup or for any more information about our Plastic Project.