Support Coordination

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Dedicated Support

Flintwood Disability Services offers dedicated Support Coordinators for Participants aged 18-65.

Our Support Coordination service is anindependent arm of Flintwood and has no conflict of interest with Flintwood as an NDIS Service Provider.

A Support Coordinator is a link between participants and service providers. They help to identify your needs and then connect you with suitable services. If you find organising your care and services difficult, a Support Coordinator can remove this worry and be a link between you and the services you choose.

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What can a Support Coordinator do for you?

First, they’re able to connect you with services if you find it difficult or if you’re unable to do this yourself. And then they can work with you to build your confidence and skills. If you wish, a Support Co-ordinator can help you learn the skills to co-ordinate and arrange your own supports. They will work with you to build your resilience and capacity to act on your own behalf.

As you work towards becoming more independent, you can (if you like) gradually take on more control over your choices of activities, services or treatments. Independence is a great feeling. And we know things may not always run smoothly, so crisis resolution may also be part of your Support Co-ordinator’s role.

If you will always require help with your support co-ordination, then your Support Co-ordinator will continue to act for you indefinitely. They’ll arrange services, therapies, treatments and activities around your availability and goals. They’re here to be your partner and to help you extract the most benefit from your NDIS allocation.

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Our Primary Goals

Implement supports as per the Participant’s plan (supports can be informal, mainstream or community)

  • Coordinate assessments, reports and service proposals from providers

  • Support Participants in selecting providers and keeping an eye on outcomes

Assess and design services for Participants with risky or concerning behaviour

  • Strengthen participants ability to direct their own supports and participation

  • Identify risks to Participants (and suggest solutions) e.g. ageing carer

Strengthen Participants ability to direct their own supports and participation

  • Follow up mainstream services like Justice, Housing, Health and Education to make sure they’re meeting obligations regarding the participant.

  • Report to the NDIA on outcomes as needed

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Enquire About Support Coordination

If you’re looking to get further information on what we offer, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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