The Participant Committee has been active in ensuring that Flintwood provides entertaining and relevant activities for its Participants as well as ensuring that their voices are heard. The Committee plan various events and fundraises that all Flintwood Participants can attend. In 2021 the Participant committee is hoping to have a Flintwood disco and movie night, either in person or over zoom!

Flintwood is looking for Participants to join the Participant Committee!

“I have been coming to Flintwood for 13 years now and I really love Flintwood. I am the chairperson on the participant committee. We meet every month and we represent the whole organisation with any issues. We love happy stories. I am able to make choices. I am able to choose where I live thanks to the NDIS.”-Leza Grundy

The Participant committee is located across the various Flintwood sites. To contact the committee please use the following email address –